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Gaston is a family-owned business that has its roots in Gaston’s Tree Service, founded in 1972. After a state mandate where tree debris could not go in landfills, we took up the torch to create the first Gainesville tree debris pickup and recycling center in the state of Florida. We’ve served the people of Gainesville with this service since 1985—ensuring our yards and natural environments are beautiful and clean while protecting the environment through recycling. 

Our Alachua & Gainesville Tree Debris Pickup & Drop-off Services

Whether big or small, we can handle any project that’s thrown our way. If you’re in the Gainesville and Alachua area and have green waste, all you have to do is call our office, and we’ll handle it from there. If you have a small project, we’ll load and haul off the waste to one of our Gainesville tree debris drop-off and recycling centers. If you have a larger project, we’ll provide the grinding equipment as well as hauling services to our recycling center. We’ll give the tree grindings new life as mulch and chips for our Gaston Mulch and Soil business.

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Do You Need Tree Debris Removed?

Trees are so important for the environment, the local ecosystem, keeping us shaded, and providing beauty in our yards—but just as important is knowing when a tree needs to be removed for the safety or well-being of those around you. Debris can leave your yard in disarray—that’s why we’re here to help. By providing Alachua and Gainesville tree debris pickup and hauling services, we can help keep our cities beautiful from green yard waste. Get back to enjoying the beauty of your yard, and contact us for cleaning and hauling services today!

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